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Frelsi Farm Icelandic Sheep and Icelandic Sheepdogs

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Sheep, Fleece, Roving, Wool Yarn…  Welcome to our Maine Icelandic Sheep Farm!

Exciting News for Frelsi Farm! After 45 years of practicing as a registered nurse, I am retired.  Well mostly retired, anyway. So a whole new life adventure is unfolding here. It is quite exciting.

What does this mean here on the farm? It means it is a great time to add some of our best breed stock to your flock! We will continue to be downsizing over the next few years, but not dispersing. A group of 12 of our best sheep moved to the University of Maine this past Fall and are now living on The Witter Farm there. The oldest, the favorites and the very best of the best will stay here for more years and more lambs to come. We will to continue  to offer prime breed stock, those proven adults, high potential yearlings, and lambs for sale. And, those that are not up to our standards of excellence will fill our freezers and those of our meat customers

 I will continue to offer some  “payment plans”  to help new flock owners and established breeders to take advantage of this opportunity. We would like to have our sheep off to new farms in time to settle in before breeding season comes around again. If you have been considering some new bloodlines or are looking to start your flock, now is a fine time to add some Frelsi Farm genetics to your flock.

We have been working on improving this flock for nearly 20 years, added many wonderful AI lines and improved the fleece and conformation over these years. Spring 2015 will be our 19th lambing season. The flock has been demonstrating very good parasite resistance and resilience for the last several years here. The early heat and humidity this year has been tolerated well by both the old and the young. Our pastures are very limited so there are no “clean “pastures” to graze, and the flock is doing very well even under these conditions.

We may be able to offer delivery to the mid west in August and we will be in Rhinebeck, NY  in October as well. Other trips can be scheduled , and co-operative deliveries will be the best way to save costs, so if you know other flocks in your neck of the woods, let those shepherds  know about this opportunity and perhaps you can go in on a few sheep together….rams would love all the work they can get!

Keeping  a smaller flock just for joy of it is my goal. Seeing our sheep adding to the wellbeing of the national flock is such a pleasure…it has been a great shepherding life of helping the dream of Stefania , Susan and Barbara stay alive and well. Mentoring new shepherds and consulting with old friends will still be a big part of life here, hopefully for many years to come. Please contact me to discuss who might fit your flock and how we can make it work.

 Who doesn’t love Icelandic Sheepdog puppies?


  Nothing like sleeping puppies!